Thanking Juan Ramos and Associates

Thank you Juan Ramos and Associates serving: 

401 West 118th Street, 405 West 118th Street and 415 West 118th Street


Noa, Noam & Ronya

Dear Juan and Richie! Thank you both so much for your uncompromising, around the clock endeavors that keep our building clean and safe! We are deeply appreciative of your hard work and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


"Juan and Richie! Thanks for keeping us safe and clean and always with such good humor! Your fans, K&L


"Thank you so much for all that you do Richie (and others)! Truly appreciate it, sending best wishes to you and your families :) "

"Thank you for taking care of our building! All you do keeps us healthy, safe, and comfortable in difficult times. I hope you and those close to you are well!


"Thank you so much for continuously doing a great job in our building even during this crazy time. You have continued to make our living experience better and better. Hope you are all safe and healthy. Thank you once again!"


"Thank you so much for your unrelenting services despite such strange and dangerous times. House problems continued, but not once did I feel unattended. Beyond the service, seeing and overhearing you guys interact cheerfully with tenants and with each other definitely helps boost my morale in facing this crisis. I hope and pray that your exemplary quality of service be matched with the same quality in employee care and compensation from the University! Thank you so much!"


"You have made my stay here in New York a memorable one. In our lifetime, I am not sure if I shall see any heroes who would take care of my health and my apartment even in this period of crisis while putting your life at risk. I cannot thank you enough but can only pray and wish that you continue to light many lives in future with you care and work. Love you all from bottom of my heart for your selfless service."