Roommate Rights, Responsibilities, Respect for Community and Mediation

Roommates and suitemates have the right to:

  • Contact information for their assigned roommates in apartment shares. Your contact information (name, school, email address) will be also be shared with your prospective or current roommate.
  • Equal access to the common areas of the apartment or suite. Common areas may not be used for storage or for the exclusive use of one resident.
  • Cleanliness – all residents must keep their rooms and common areas clean, neat and uncluttered.
  • Privacy and personal space – residents should not enter the private rooms of their roommates or suitemates without their permission.
  • An environment free from any form of harassment
  • The ability to speak openly
  • An environment where one is treated considerately and thoughtfully
  • Address problems and concerns in a mature manner
  • A living space free from any actions that interfere with their rights

Residents experiencing roommate conflicts are encouraged to communicate in a calm and clear manner to address their concerns. Discuss personal habits, expectations and schedules, cleaning, purchasing common supplies, guests procedures, etc. Misunderstandings create stress and conflict, and communication is the first step at resolving such issues. 

Residents who need assistance or advice on addressing community standards are encouraged to reach out to Columbia Residential to discuss options for mediation, the goal of which would be to directly address issues in a neutral environment and find a middle ground. 

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