Occupied units are inspected prior to the current resident's vacancy. Due to time constraints of preparing units for incoming residents, these inspections and assessments are performed throughout the year, generally within three months of move-out.

Residents will be informed in advance when an inspection is scheduled. Each inspection typically takes 15 minutes and will be performed by a member of the Facilities & Operations staff. 

Apartment inspections are also performed to confirm compliance with Columbia Residential and University policies.

During apartment inspections (whether routine, maintenance-related, or to confirm compliance with policy), building staff may need to take photos to record the results of the inspection.

Examples when photos may be taken in occupied apartments:

  • During an inspection for Columbia Residential or University policy compliance
  • When responding to a maintenance concern, to document an issue that needs to be repaired or requires follow-up (like a broken part, damage from a leak, etc.)
  • During a move-out inspection, to document the condition of the apartment, including common areas in occupied apartment shares

Columbia Residential is committed to protecting the privacy of its residents; when photos are taken, they will record only the results of the inspection, and the photos will be shared only with individuals directly involved in the case. Residents who wish to be present during an inspection should contact their superintendent to confirm an appointment.