Couple and Family Housing

Due to COVID-19, couple and family recertification process will be updated for 2020-21. Once updated information is available, residents will be notified by email.

Students or postdocs eligible for couple or family housing must certify their couple or family status prior to move-in. Columbia Residential is unable to provide housing to accommodate friends or relatives other than in very limited number to partners and/or dependent children. If both partners are affiliates and are eligible for housing, only one application will be considered and one offer given (if approved).

  • Only the partner listed in the original housing application may move into and reside in the unit.
  • Residents' partner and/or dependent child(ren) must live full-time in the unit immediately upon signing the agreement and receiving keys.
  • Partner and/or dependent child(ren) have no independent right of occupancy and must vacate upon termination of the housing agreement or their relationship to the resident, whichever occurs first.
  • Residents must notify Columbia Residential immediately of any change in couple or family status and agree to be reassigned or vacate should their status change. Failure to report this change in status could result in a housing reassignment, immediate termination of the housing agreement and/or other administrative penalties.Residents agree to furnish any further documentation that Columbia Residential may require regarding their status.
  • Any false or misleading statements made may result in the cancellation of the housing agreement.

Prior to your move-in appointment, you must complete Couple & Family Certification. A member of our team will contact you prior to your move-in appointment to set up a time to meet on Zoom. If your move is scheduled within 2 business days and you have not been contacted to set up your certification appointment, please email [email protected].

To complete certification, the following is required:

  • Photo ID for each resident
  • Birth certificate for each dependent child (if applicable). 
    Families with dependent children 18 and over must show proof that each child is a legal dependent. A legal dependent is defined as a child under the age of 19 (or under 24 if enrolled as a full-time student).
  • Partner and/or children must be present at time of the certification appointment and move in. If the partner and/or children are not present, the resident must provide proof of their arrival date, which must be within 30 days. If such proof is not provided, the resident will not be permitted to move in. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a reassignment or the termination of the housing agreement.

Residents in couple or family housing must complete the recertification process before becoming eligible to renew their housing agreement.

  • Information on recertification is sent at the end of March to all couples and families eligible for a renewal.
  • Residents must come to the Columbia Residential office with their partner and/or dependent children and applicable family documentation to recertify.
  • Recertification must be completed between April 1 - 31.
  • Residents who do not complete recertification will not receive a renewal and must move out of housing by the end of their agreement.
  • See Renewing the Housing Agreement for more information about the Couple and Family Recertification and Renewal process.

Residents may apply to transfer into couple housing through the Transfer Process. Availability is limited and transfers are not guaranteed. If approved to transfer into couple or family housing, residents will be required to complete couple and family housing certification prior to moving into the new unit.