Caring for the Unit, Damage and Vandalism

Residents are financially responsible for any damages, vandalism, missing items or unsatisfactory conditions in their room, suite, apartment or common areas. Knowingly and/or recklessly damaging, destroying, defacing and/or tampering with University, public or private property of another person is prohibited.

Any damage, whether intentional or accidental, should be reported to Columbia Residential. Damages to items or areas not reported to Columbia Residential will be considered the joint responsibility of all residents in the unit. Repair or replacement costs will be charged to the student accounts of all individuals responsible. When this is not possible, costs will be shared by residents of that room/suite/apartment.

Residents may be charged for costs including, but not limited to:

  • Replacing or repairing furnishings, appliances or fixtures that have been altered or removed without express written approval of Columbia Residential
  • Additional cleaning of unit after move-out
  • Cleaning violations requiring Columbia Residential corrective action
  • Removing abandoned items after move-out
  • Repairing and restoring unit beyond wear and tear

Damage beyond normal wear and tear may include but is not limited to:

  • Walls: marks, stripped paint, torn wallpaper, excessive number of holes in the walls, large holes in the walls
  • Carpets: tears, burns, blotches, stains, odors
  • Wood and hard surface floors: deep scratches, gouges
  • Furnishings: missing or broken lighting fixtures, damaged furniture
  • Windows and doors: broken or cracked glass, broken hinges, broken or missing door knobs
  • Flea infestation
  • Appliances: damaged stove burners, broken refrigerator compartments, appliances that no longer work
  • Bathrooms: broken fixtures, broken mirrors, missing tiles, clogged drains, drainage issues from misuse