Residential Celebrates Employees with 25 Years of Service

April 07, 2023

Seventeen Residential employees who joined the Columbia University 25-Year Club in 2021 and 2022 were celebrated at an event on March 6 honoring faculty and staff across the University who marked their 25th year and at a separate event on March 8 for the Facilities and Operations honorees. 

Among the Residential inductees was Marah Arbaje whose experience working for Facilities and Operations demonstrates the opportunities for skill development and career growth at Columbia. After starting as a custodian for the department in 1995, Marah took advantage of the University’s tuition benefit program and enrolled in the Executive Master's in Public Administration at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. She then went on to hold roles in the department as a custodial supervisor and a client service representative before being promoted to her current role as Portfolio Manager, where she and her team are responsible for the efficient management of 27 buildings that faculty, staff, postdocs, and students call home. 

“The inductees' lengthy tenure is testimony to their unwavering commitment to the Columbia community,” says Columbia Residential Associate Vice President Diego Rivera. “They’ve done an extraordinary job of serving our residents while being a familiar friendly face and a positive resource to them all. I am very proud!"    

Congratulations to the inductees: 

  1. Anthony Perez, Porter   
  2. Elvis Y. Hamilton, Handy Person   
  3. Ferguson, Cleve J., Porter   
  4. Frehiwot Kebede, Porter C  
  5. Hugo R. Mero, Working Superintendent  
  6. Jorge A. Alvarado, Resident Manager  
  7. Jose R. Cotto, Door Attendant   
  8. Keith A. Mckenzie, Door Attendant   
  9. Kevin D. Watson, Door Attendant   
  10. Marah Arbaje, Portfolio Manager  
  11. Noel Rivera, Porter   
  12. Peter A. Medina, Handy Person   
  13. Robert G. Actor, Door Attendant   
  14. Robertina James, Houseworker  
  15. Richard Solano, Facilities  
  16. William E. Mero, Door Attendant   
  17. Yvette Bonilla, Houseworker