Student Housing Waitlist

Housing-eligible students who are not approved by their school for housing during the approval period will be added to the student housing waitlist. Through the waitlist, eligible students may select from units that remain after the housing approval period has ended. Students who select housing from the waitlist are offered a housing agreement for that academic year only – typically, until May 31. 

For additional details, please review the information below.

  • Students with active housing applications may look for housing any time during the waitlist period. Information about the housing selection appointment will be sent to the Columbia email address once the application is reviewed and confirmed for the waitlist. 
  • During the waitlist period, students may enter housing selection to review availability as many times as they want, until a selection is confirmed or the waitlist period ends. 
  • Students must be enrolled full-time and eligible for housing to participate in waitlist housing selection. 
  • Offers from the student housing waitlist are for that academic year only (until May 31, in most cases, unless the student’s affiliation ends sooner). Extensions beyond that term are not guaranteed and must be reviewed and approved by the student’s school through the Affiliation Review process. 
  • Students who confirm housing through the waitlist are not eligible to transfer. 
  • Housing through the waitlist is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. 
  • Complete an application in the Housing Portal
  • Log in to participate in waitlist housing selection any time after the waitlist period opens. 
  • Once an applicant receives the waitlist email, housing selection will be available at any time during the waitlist period, in the Housing Portal under the Assignment tab. Click Housing Selection during the appointment to view and select an available unit. Review the Student Housing Selection FAQ for more information. 
  • Selections must be confirmed through the Housing Portal during the waitlist selection appointment only. No email responses or late responses will be considered, and reassignments cannot be accommodated. 
  • Housing through the waitlist is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. During waitlist housing selection, if you see that no results are found, please try clearing the filters to view all available options. If no units are shown when all filters are cleared, this means that there is no inventory available. 
  • Students who confirm a unit and receive an offer will have two business days to accept or decline the offer. Offer expiration dates cannot be extended. 
  • A $750 reservation fee is required to accept a waitlist housing offer. Once paid, the reservation fee is refundable only if notice is received in writing before the cancellation waiver deadline. Review Reservation Fees & Security Deposits for more information. 
  • While waitlist offers are based on housing selection, the needs of the unit are also taken into account. As such, requests for specific units cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Waitlist applications expire at the end of each semester. Students interested in housing for the next semester must submit a new application to be considered. 
  • Additional details about the units available through the waitlist cannot be provided. The only information available on the unit will be viewable in the Housing Portal during waitlist housing selection. 
  • Housing through Columbia Residential is billed monthly through Student Financial Services
  • Should applicants no longer need housing, they should retract their housing application in the Housing Portal to remove themselves from the waitlist. 

For more information about housing selection for Waitlist applicants please review FAQ | Student Housing Waitlist.