Short-term Housing Extensions

To provide flexibility for students as they consider and plan their transition out of University housing, Columbia Residential offers short-term extension options (30 days) to all May graduates.

Approved residents are billed the monthly rental rate + standard rent increase + 20% administrative fee. The 20% administrative fee is based on the monthly rent and will not be prorated for those who choose to move out earlier in June. Since incoming students begin to move into housing during the summer, the administrative fee supports a shorter turnaround time for refreshing the apartment in preparation for new residents.

Please review the information below for more information about eligibility and the application and approval process for short-term housing extensions.

Law School residents interested in a housing extension for the New York Bar exam should review Bar Housing Extensions.

  • Any graduating student resident whose housing agreement ends May 31 may request a short-term (30-day) stay until June 30
    • Residents who are graduating in May must choose to vacate by May 31 or request a short-term extension to remain in housing until June 30.
  • Residents who are not graduating in May, or those with affiliations and agreements that end in any month other than May are not eligible for short-term extensions.
  • Log into the Housing Portal, select Tenant Profile then Affiliation.
  • C​​​​​​hoose Short-term Extension as your reason for updating your anticipated end date, which will automatically update to June 30.
    • Note: all short-term extensions are for the full month of June. Students who extend but wish to move out earlier should review the cancellation guidelines below.
  • Applications must be submitted by the deadline to be considered.
    • 2022 Application Deadline: Extended to February 20
  • Housing agreement must be signed by renewal deadline (typically two weeks after renewal is sent).
  • Approved residents are billed the rental rate + rent increase + 20% administrative fee.
  • Approval or denial notification will be sent to all applicants by May 1. 
  • All approved students must sign the housing agreement by the deadline indicated in the renewal agreement.

Cancellation requests must be received in writing at [email protected].

  • Before May 31: resident must move out by May 31 and will be billed until that date. The 20% administrative fee will not be charged.
  • Between June 1-30: rent will be prorated until the move-out date, which must occur between June 1-30, and resident will be charged the 20% administrative fee. The administrative fee will be 20% of the full month's rent, even if move-out occurs earlier in June.
  • Overstays: residents who remain in the unit beyond June 30 will be billed for additional days at the elevated rate + $1000 penalty fee.