Part-time Enrollment

Updated September 21, 2020:

Per the Columbia Residential Eligibility policy, students must be enrolled full-time in a housing-eligible program to remain in housing. Students who are enrolled part-time or half-time must be registered full-time for the following semester. Those who do not register full-time for the following semester will be expected to move out of housing at the end of the current semester.

While the enrollment guidelines state that students not enrolled full-time would typically be required to apply for a part-time exception or move out of housing, these requirements have been adjusted in response to the pandemic, for Fall 2020 only: 

  • Students who are registered part-time or half-time may remain in housing without requesting a part-time exception, as long as they register for the Spring 2021 semester by the end of the early registration period (November 20, 2020), or move out of housing by December 31, 2020.
  • Students who are enrolled part-time or half-time in Fall 2020 must be enrolled full-time in all future semesters in housing. Subsequent requests for a part-time exception will not be considered unless approved by the Office of Disability Services.