Guests & Visitors

Residents are permitted to host a guest overnight in their apartment if they remain in compliance with the following provisions: 

  • Residents are responsible for their and their visitors' or guests' compliance with all University Policies and Public Health Guidance.
    • NOTE: This policy applies to residents in Columbia Residential. Undergraduates in CC and SEAS should review Guests ​for more information.
  • Residents may host a guest overnight for up to four (4) nights per month.
  • Hosts living in apartment shares and dorms must provide notice to their roommate(s)/suitemate(s) prior to a guest's arrival. Columbia Residential encourages roommates to communicate and complete a roommate agreement at the start of their roommate relationship, to make sure that all residents can express their preferences and agree on expectations of living together. For more information, review Roommate Rights, Responsibilities & Respect for Community
  • Any resident who hosts a guest overnight for more than four nights may be issued a guest violation, which may require mediation and/or reporting to Student Conduct (students only). 
  • Guests must always be accompanied by their host; guests may not access the building or apartment without their host present, and hosts may not give their keys to their guests. 
  • Residents may not accept any payment, service, barter or other remuneration from a guest in exchange for the guest's ability to stay in a room or apartment. The University considers any such payment to be a violation of the housing agreement. 
  • Guests must be accommodated in their host's room and are not allowed to sleep in empty bedrooms, lounges or public spaces. 
  • Hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests during their stay. Guests must abide by all Columbia Residential policies, Federal, State and City laws. 
  • Residents with concerns regarding guests should talk to the host, and then, if necessary, with Columbia Residential. 
  • Failure to abide by the terms of the guest policy may result in guest privileges being revoked. Students found in violation of any Columbia Residential policy will be reported to Student Conduct
  • Columbia Residential, Public Safety and other University staff reserve the right to revoke a guest or visitor's access to the building if the guest disturbs or creates any difficulties for other residents.

Residents of the following buildings must also abide by their building's guest policy: 

  • New Residence Hall (517 West 121st Street) -- Guests are permiited, and guest passes are required. Review the Teachers College Guest Policy, which can be found on their website.
  • 600 West 113th Street -- Only Columbia Residential residents may host a guest, and hosts must sign in their guests at security. Additionally, guests must complete a paper attestation upon arrival, available at the security desk.