Furniture, Fixtures, Keys and Locks

    Please note that furniture may not be removed from furnished apartments in Columbia Residential. Requests for bed removal for medical or disability reasons may be considered but must be approved by Disability Services.

    Residents must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Residents may not remove or alter any of the furniture, fixtures, appliances or locks provided by Columbia Residential. Residents may not change the lock and/or add any lock to the entrance door of the unit or room. Residents in furnished units may request bed removal for medical reasons only; all such requests must be approved by the Disability Services.
    • Any damage, whether intentional or accidental, should be reported to the superintendent and Columbia Residential. Damages to items or areas not reported to Columbia Residential will be considered the joint responsibility of all residents in the unit. 
    • For the safety and security of all residents and to keep your personal belongings secure, please keep your suite and/or apartment doors locked at all times. 
    • Upon move-out, keys may not be left in the apartment or room and must be returned to either the superintendent or the Express Move-out box. Failure to return keys to either the superintendent or Express Move-out box will result in a $100 fee plus the cost of key/cylinder replacement, if applicable. 

    Based on the apartment/room size and layout, furnished accommodations generally contain the following:


    • Extra-long twin bed (full size bed for couples)
    • Dresser
    • Desk and desk chair

    Living rooms and kitchens:

    • Couch and additional chairs
    • Coffee table
    • Table with chairs

    Responsibilities of the resident:

    • Linens
    • Dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils
    • Air conditioners
    • Area rugs – residents are responsible for providing rugs that cover 80 percent of the floor area to comply with the terms of the lease.


    Estimated repair or replacement costs: