Subletting | Retirees

These guidelines outline requirements for subletting for retired faculty and staff (retirees) living in Columbia Residential. For subletting guidelines for current students, faculty, staff and postdocs, please review Subletting.


Retired faculty and staff in Columbia Residential, as well as eligible surviving spouses, may sublet their apartment for a minimum of 30 days in accordance with New York State law. Sublets also require prior approval by Columbia Residential.

NOTE: Residents in 455 Central Park West are not eligible to sublet. 

Residents must submit a sublet application for approval from the housing office before they ("Prime Tenant") allow anyone ("Subtenant") to occupy the apartment while the Prime Tenant is away. Failure to do so violates the occupancy agreement/lease and is grounds for terminating housing privileges. Please allow three business days for application processing. 

Columbia is not a party to the agreement with the Subtenant and does not mediate disputes; the sublet agreement is subordinate to the terms of the occupancy agreement/lease with Columbia, a copy of which the Prime Tenant must provide to the Subtenant. 

Any resident of Columbia Residential who is found to be subleasing a University apartment without receiving prior approval from Columbia Residential via the Housing Portal, may be fined per NYC Illegal sublet laws.

Sublet Guidelines | Retirees

  • Rent account: paid-in-full 
  • Housing Agreement: active signed housing agreement must be on file with Columbia Residential 
  • Occupancy: Resident must remain in compliance with Primary Residence eligibility requirement (185 days)
  • Sublet dates: approval of sublet dates beyond the housing agreement expiration date is subject to receipt of a signed extension 
  • Outside of New York City: residents may apply to sublet only if they will be outside of the New York Metropolitan area for the period requested 
  • Sublet Term: minimum of 30 days 
  • Window Guards: if any occupants are 10 years old or younger, landlord must be notified 
  • Keys and Building Access: Prime Tenant must arrange to give keys/access to subtenant. Staff are not permitted to give keys or provide access to the subtenant.
  • Payment: Prime Tenant will continue to be billed directly for rent. Subtenant rent payment is to be arranged by Subtenant to Prime Tenant.