Residency Verifications

For both current and future residents, residency verification may be downloaded from the Housing Portal.

Future Residents

If you have accepted a housing offer and are moving into Columbia Residential in the future, you may access a future resident verification letter in the Tenant Profile by clicking Verification Letter - Future Tenant. The letter includes: resident name, address, scheduled move-in date and monthly rent.

Current Residents

Current residents may access this document in the Tenant Profile by clicking Verification Letter - Current Tenant to download a PDF that includes basic information about their residency: resident name, address, agreement start and end dates and monthly rent.

Note: only the resident of record will be listed in letters downloaded from the Housing Portal; family members will not be listed, nor will proof of rental payment. Residents who wish to request proof of residence for their partner or family members who reside with them, or one that includes information about multiple residences, may submit a request by following the instructions below:

Students who live in Columbia Residential should contact us to submit a request for a residency verification letter that includes multiple residences and/or information about a partner or family members. Please note, letters provided by Columbia Residential include dates of residence and rent amount only. Because payments for housing are managed by Student Financial Services, Columbia Residential is not able to verify proof of payment or account status.

Faculty, staff and postdocs are billed through the Office of the Controller, and they can provide residency verifications that include dates of residence, rent amount and proof of payment. Residents who need verification should contact that office directly.