Columbia Residential encourages all residents to cooperate with Columbia's and New York City's recycling programs. Residents’ assistance in properly cleaning and separating recyclable material will allow building personnel to devote more time to other needed tasks and will help keep buildings and neighborhoods cleaner. Residents are asked to separate all newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard, jars, bottles and cans and to place them in the building’s designated recycling area.

Please keep in mind that recyclables are picked up by the Department of Sanitation only once per week. Rinsing jars, bottles and cans before disposal will keep the building cleaner and help minimize the presence of vermin. Please tie up newspapers, magazines and cardboard when putting them out for pickup.

Donating clothing (Re-fashionNYC)

Re-fashionNYC clothing reuse bins are available in 18 Columbia Residential buildings (see the left column in the list below). Residents can deposit clothes and other textiles for recycling in these bins, including towels, blankets, curtains, shoes, handbags, belts and other apparel.

The Re-fashionNYC program then donates the clothing to charitable organizations, which helps New Yorkers in need and reduces useable waste that would otherwise go to landfills. Since the Re-Fashion program began in 2012, residents have recycled over 174,700 pounds of textiles.


Recycling electronic equipment keeps harmful materials out of the waste stream and the environment. In 2015, it became illegal in New York City to dispose of electronic equipment in the regular trash. This includes televisions, computers and peripherals, and portable electronic equipment. Columbia Residential has partnered with the Department of Sanitation and currently has E-Cycle containers in various residential buildings that are used to recycle electronics (see the middle column in the list below). Please note that this program does not accept household appliances, loose batteries or light bulbs. For a comprehensive list of what can be placed in E-Cycle bins please visit

Organics Composting

Food waste collection bins are available in 18 Columbia Residential buildings (see the right column in the list below).

Recycling locations in Columbia Residential buildings