Card-operated laundry facilities are available to all residents, typically in the basement or in an adjacent building. Laundry and dryers are available to residents in the manner and at the times building staff or other representatives of Columbia Residential may direct.

Residents may purchase a new laundry card for $5 (cash only) at any of the following locations:

  • 29 Claremont Avenue
  • 400 West 119th Street*
  • 454 Riverside Drive
  • 520 West 114th Street
  • 560 Riverside Drive*
  • 601 West 113th Street*
  • 3260 Henry Hudson Parkway*

Residents may add value to their cards at any of the above locations, or often in machines located in or near the laundry room in their building or a neighboring building. *Buildings with door attendants; non-residents should speak with door attendant for directions to laundry card machine.

Once value is added to them, laundry cards should be treated like cash. Lost cards cannot be replaced. Any value added to the card cannot be reimbursed, so we advise residents to consider adding value only as needed.