Thanking Raymond Cuevas and Associates

Thank you Raymond Cuevas and Associates serving: 

520 West 112th Street, 535 West 112th Street, 601 West 112th Street and 605 West 113th Street



T"hank you so much for helping us out during the severe COVID-19 season!! I really appreciate that! Your work saves our lives!!!!!!! Hope you take care when you are working! You are great heroes! All the best to you guys!!"


"The team of doorman has always been professional and helpful. I did not get to see other staff who helped keeping the building safe and clean. I assume they are the same. Thanks to all of you guys. Stay safe."


"Thank you so much for working so hard to keep us safe and healthy. I feel more secure and safe in my apartment because of you; I'm so very appreciative!"

"Thank you so much to the AMAZING staff who worked in this building! I lived here for three years and was always greeted with a smile, a high five (from Charlie!), or a gentle tease. But seeing anyone who worked here always put me in an amazing mood. Everyone put so much heart into their jobs and made it feel like "my" building. I'm so sad I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye, but thank you all so much!"


"Guys, I absolutely adore you! You all have huge hearts, are very dedicated, polite and respectful. I have a special consideration for Victor and Firel (who is not working here anymore), who have always been very friendly and communicative! Your care and humanity made all the difference during my stay at this building. There are new staff working here now, but as I stay mostly at home, I was not able to really appreciate their company and learn more from them. Nevertheless, the few times we met were in the unit for staff duties and you were all amazingly professional and respectful (while I was very stressed with the exam I was taking online). Today I had the chance to show you a nicer version of myself, and I hope to get to know you better in the coming weeks! Thank you for your work and commitment! If it wasn't for you, this building would be complete chaos! Jen PS: when will the dryers be working again? lol #joking #notapriorityrightnow"


"To keep operations on in these trying times is a risk and for facing the risk so that other people could go about their normal lives, is a truly noble deed that shouldn't go without appreciation. Thank you for doing what you do! We, the residents of this building are grateful to you!"


Thanks, Marlon, for maintaining everything working and clean!!! Best regards from our family"

"Dear Building Super and Staffs, We appreciate your amazing efforts for being at the front line within the Columbia Community. Your service make us feel protected especially during the pandemic. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you so much!"

Bithi and Sandip