Thanking Matthew Bright and Associates


Thank you Matthew Bright and Associates serving: 

507 West 113th Street & 511 West 113th Street



"Thank you for taking care of us and the building during this crazy time. Please stay safe and healthy!"

Sarah Jane

"To the staff of 507, 113th thank you so much for your hard work to keep our building safe. Seeing your familiar faces around the building and at the entrance after a long day makes me feel like home and you're always very welcoming and ready to help. Thank you, we will get through this together."


"Thank you for all that you do! I moved out in March, but every time I saw one of you in the building, you were so friendly with a smile on your face. Stay smiling!"

"Thank you for helping to keep us safe and healthy!"

Luther and Erica

"Thank you so much George and the rest of the staff for all you are doing. We truly appreciate it! It is always lovely to speak with you in the halls."


"Thank you for maintaining our building during this crisis and somehow still responding so quickly to issues in my apartment. With so much uncertainty, and not even knowing how many people are still living in my building, it is comforting to see you and exchange the occasional hello and friendly wave in the laundry room. I can't thank you enough for the risks that you are taking every day."


"Thank you George and Matthew for all the help during this time!! :))"

"I want to say thank you to all the building staff at 507 West 113th Street for their timely help during this challenging time. Stay safe and healthy!"