Thanking Luis Alejo and Associates

Thank you Luis Alejo and Associates serving: 

420 West 119th Street, 423 West 118th Street and 424 West 119th Street



"Many thanks for all the work that you do behind the scenes to keep our building safe and clean. I am much appreciative of your dedication during these hard times. Special thanks to Superintendent Luis Alejo for always being readily available and solution-oriented. Les agradezco sus efuerzos y su maravillosa ética profesional."

Sai Mali

"Thank you to Luis and his staff- keeping everything running smoothly and fixing things fast for us. We feel safer with your amazing work and hope you stay safe and healthy too!"


"Thank you for continuing the always arduous job of maintaining our building through circumstances even more difficult than usual. You have gone about your jobs without fanfare, allowing us to rely on you almost-- almost--without thinking about it. What a relief to have our homes not fall apart when the rest of the world is. Often people only seem to notice things when they are not done, but rest assured, we notice. Thank you all very much."

"Thanks a lot for everything. Wish you all bests, health and happiness"


"Thank you to Mr. Dwight Nowell for consistently showing up for the past 3 months, organizing the garbage and keeping the garbage area clean."


"Thank you to Luis T., Super, for responding rapidly a few weeks ago, during a severe rain storm, to contact & accompany the plumber to unclog the toilet. This could have evolved into a big problem but he nipped it in the bud within the hour."


"Thank you to the staff! Especially Dwight, for always brightening my day. Y'all are amazing!"