Thanking Jose Lebron and Associates

Thank you Jose Lebron and Associates serving: 

600 West 114th Street, 601 West 113th Street, 608 West 113th Street, 610 West 113th Street and 614 West 113th Street



"A big thank you to all the staff who worked both in our apartment helping with maintenance and over in the lobby at 601 113th. Your help with maintenance all year long has been greatly appreciated. Your patience, kindness and helpfulness made moving to Columbia residential a smooth transition for me. I have not been in my building during the pandemic but feel confident that all is well and secure because of the hard work you do to assure a quality standard in our buildings everyday. Thank you for your work, you are an integral part of our community."


"Many thanks for all the services and support! You are all so amazing!!"


"Though I've been away from NYC since March 13, my many friends and colleagues in our building tell me what a great job you're doing. SO MANY THANKS."

"You are the best!!! We are so grateful to have you in our building and are thankful for your services every day!"

Chris M

"I cannot thank the staff enough for all that they have been doing. The people here are always so kind, so welcoming, just a wonderful warm presence and I am eternally grateful for everything they have been doing to keep things running smoothly. I know it's not easy and I know what you are risking. I feel grateful to get to know each of these wonderful people, and appreciate the time they spend getting to know us and look out for us. I know a thank you is not enough but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you <3"


"Thank you for keeping the building clean and keeping us all safe!"


"Thank you so much to our Super Mr. Jose Lebron and ALL residential staff in our 601 W building for keeping all safe. My family at Apt. 3G really appreciate their efforts in coming to work every day."

"Thank you very much for all your help during this tough time!"