Thanking Jose Cruz and Associates

Thank you Jose Cruz and Associates serving: 

2700 Broadway



"Dear Tito, John and Rudy, Thank you very much for everything you are doing to keep our home so clean, tidy and comfortable even under the current difficult situation. I hardly notice anything different from the pre-PAUSE days and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much!"


"Thank you very, very much for all of the work you have been doing (not just during the pandemic but all along) for keeping our living spaces safe and clean!"


"Thank you all for keeping this building a pleasure to live in...for getting our packages and deliveries and keeping them straight, for keeping our corridors clean and our trash rooms empty, for keeping coming to work and a smile on your masked face (the eyes show it). Thank you for making it safe for total shut ins like this 85 year old a very pleasant and safe place to be shut in."

"Thanks for keeping us all safe!!!! Having a safe home is what makes quarantine tolerable :) I appreciate your work so much!"

Rachel + Paul

"Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff at 2700 Broadway! We know that it has been a challenging time and we really appreciate the dedication that both the desk and maintenance staff put in, to keep the building running and feeling like home."

Anita and Jose

"Thank you to Jose, Tito, John, Rudy and all of our doorman. We are soooo grateful to your service during these difficult times."


"It's been quite a few weeks and without you at the helm, we would have barely survived. It's not only your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that make you special, but also your unending kindness and incessant smile. You inspire us every single day. Thank you for being with us."