Thanking Douglas Jermyn and Associates

Thank you Douglas Jermyn and Associates serving: 

540 West 113th Street, 541 West 113th Street, 542 West 113th Street, 544 West 113th Street, 548 West 113th Street, 554 West 113th Street, 558 West 113th Street, 560 West 113th Street, 608 West 114th Street, 610 West 114th Street, 612 West 114th Street, and 614-616 West 114th Street



"Thank you so much for all your work and effort! I truly appreciate everything you do. I'm grateful and thankful for you all!"

Matthew, Sam & Higgs

"To Doug, Nathalie, and all the whole crew that helps us to stay safe and healthy at [the building]... you're the best! Thanks for being there for us now and always."


"To all the building staff of 541 West 113th St., Thank you for taking care of us this school year, pre- and post-pandemic! The little things make our school struggles easier and make our working environment brighter. Take care, and I hope you all stay healthy and well."

"Thank you so much for keeping the building nice and clean even in this very difficult time!!! Hope you stay in good health!"

Anna K.

"Dear Super Doug, Nathalie and Vondell and the rest of the 113th St. staff team: thank you for keeping us all safe and healthy by tending so carefully to the buildings we live in and everything inside them. Thank you also for making me miss my NYC home so dearly. Keep well!"


"Thank you to the staff at 544 W113th for all that you do. Stay safe!"


"Thanks to everyone who has kept the building clean, safe, and running during these last weeks XO"

"Dear Douglas, I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for taking care of our building during these uncertain times. Life becomes much easier with your help. I wish you always healthy and happy. Thank you very much!"