Thanking Bruce Parker and Associates

Thank you Bruce Parker and Associates serving: 

445 Riverside Drive, 448 Riverside Drive, 450 Riverside Drive, 452 Riverside Drive, 454 Riverside Drive and 456 Riverside Drive



"In early December, we welcomed Bruce Parker as our new super. None of us could have known what would befall us all in short order. Since then, and under the most dire of circumstances, Bruce has shown himself to be a remarkably responsive professional and more: a real leader exuding confidence and calm in the storm. Many of us have formed close bonds with other staff members, going back decades (Santana, Mike, Marsell, Bernard, Danny, and Louis), always grateful for their work, which continued unabated even after things offically shut down at the University and in our city. And so when a new super arrived, just ahead of the pandemic, we were concerned that there would be a good fit; that Bruce would indeed be someone who would work well with everyone, while setting his own pace and standards. I watched from early on how carefully, seemingly without effort, Bruce was attuned not just to the voiced needs of the tenants, but indeed of the staff. I have felt too the effects of that effort--a lifting of morale at a hard time. We are so glad Bruce Parker came to us when he did, and wish to publicly thank him, and the wonderful 445 staff, for being such a great presence in our lives."


"Thanks to all of you at 448 for doing all the little things!!! And welcome back to Ray, good to see you again!"


"Thank you so much to everyone—Eddy, Juan, Mike, Danny, Jovon, and Luis—for coming in every day and working so hard to take care of the building and all our needs—cleaning and sanitizing, delivering mail and packages, collecting the trash, fixing things, watching the door, and more. We really appreciate your hard work and coming in to do the essential work to keep the building running for us. We can't wait till we can really thank you face to face! We miss seeing you and chatting!"

"Obrigada por tudo (Thank you for everything)!"

Renata and Bruno

"To all staff members Thank you for making our lives much easier in these harsh times. Perhaps even more importantly, thank you for keeping us safe by making keeping disinfecting the shared spaces, and keeping Corona out Thank you and stay safe."


"My enthusiastic, grateful and sincere thanks to all of you. I treasured our wonderful building staff before COVID-19 hit us. Now that I almost never see any one of you, I don't have the chance to thank you in person for all you do. That chance will, I hope, become possible in the future. But for now, please know that I miss seeing you and that it is heartwarming and reassuring that you are all here -- that the building and tenants are being looked after -- despite your having become temporarily invisible. Please all look after yourselves and stay safe."

Janet and Maggie

"Thank you for everything you do. Please all, stay safe and well."

"Dear Everyone: Thank you so much for all that you do for us. Especially in times like these we appreciate your hard work, dedication, and good cheer."

Tim, Kira and Vanya