Thanking Alex Figuereo and Associates

Thank you Alex Figuereo and Associates serving: 

606 West 116th Street and 610 West 116th Street



"Dear Alex, Gerard and Staff, We are so grateful for your care of and attention to the residents in our building, especially during these times"

Tahereh, Ehsan and Sepehr

"Thank you so much! We miss saying hi to you every morning!"


"To Alex, Gerard, Lennie, Manny any others, thank you for keeping us as safe and healthy in this crisis. You do a great job every day and we are all grateful for your efforts. Thank you"

Dear Alex, Lenny, Gerard and Manny, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. These past months they would have not be the same without your care and support. You are making an important difference in my everyday life and wish for you to know how much I appreciate you. THANK YOU!!!


"I'd like to add my thanks to Lenny Cabrera and Jesus Hernandez, along with my thanks to Alex Figueroa and Gerard Ortiz. Lenny and Jesus were not just responsive to a minor problem I had, but fixed the problem (yay!) and were so friendly and helpful in doing so. The staff at 610 are the greatest--under normal circumstances and under these unusual times. THANK YOU!"


"Thank you so much for all you do to make this a safe and welcoming home, right now and ALWAYS!"


"Many thanks to Lenny and all other staff at 610 West 116th Street for standing in the front line and taking care of our building during these difficult times. We all appreciate your effort!"

"Thank you for all of your hard work! It makes the pandemic easier to bear."

Justin and Andrew