Cancelling Housing

Residents who cancel their housing must provide notice of move-out to Columbia Residential in the Housing Portal according to the guidelines outlined below. Cancellation fees may apply. Residents who wish to cancel housing should also review Move-out Information.

Student Housing Cancellation Guidelines

Unless otherwise specified above, move-out is required within 30 days of affiliation/eligibility status change or withdrawal. If move-out does not occur within the specified time frame, a cancellation fee may apply. Residents who move out of housing in the month of December will be charged a cancellation fee unless their housing agreement ends in December.

*PhD and doctoral students must vacate no more than 60 days after the defense date, regardless of when the degree is conferred. PhD/doctoral student must have active housing agreement that includes the 60 day period to be eligible to remain for the full 60 days.


Residents who overstay their housing agreement or fail to move out by their required move-out date may be charged a $1000 fee for overstaying. Additionally, the University may commence legal proceedings if a resident remains in housing beyond their required move-out date.

Cancellation Fee Waiver Requests

While exceptions are rare, students experiencing extenuating circumstances wherein recent, significant and unexpected events, necessitate breaking the lease or canceling a housing offer may submit a request. Additionally, residents who must terminate their housing agreement early for field work or participation in a Columbia-affiliated exchange program or externship outside of the New York Metropolitan area during their final term may apply to be considered for an exception to this policy. Supporting documentation must be submitted through the form at the time of the request, and all requests must be submitted within ten (10) days of the cancellation. For guidelines for submitting a request, please review Fee Waiver Request.

For information on canceling a housing assignment prior to moving in, please review Reservation Fees.


Faculty, staff and postdocs must provide 30 days notice prior to moving out; if such notice is not provided, a cancellation fee may apply.


Faculty, Staff & Postdoc Housing Cancellation Guidelines